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Pea Wees In A Pod
Our Daycare program emphasizes social and academic readiness to prepare children for a successful educational future. The curriculum provides a balance of “child selected” and “Daycare provider directed” activities that has proven to produce receptive and expressive language development.

Every child has a unique pattern of growth, and we seek to provide stimulating and challenging experiences at each developmental stage, which will help as they transition from one stage to the next. 

Play, the universal language of childhood, is used to foster growth of the elementary concepts of time, space, numbers and colors. Games, painting, construction, modeling, dance, outdoor play, and music are used to sharpen cognitive and perceptual process, as well as to allow the child to interact positively with others.

Pea Wees In A Pod is one of the first Daycare programs in the region to adopt the concept of "Going Green." I was inspired to make Green changes, and teach them to the children I care for, because of my own daughter, Savana.  

At my facility we incorporate the Green concept in everything that we do. We recycle, use as little plastic as possible, and clean with Green and natural cleaning products. We are always learning about new ways to be greener and to ensure our daycare is as safe and healthy as possible.  

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"Going Green" 
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We want to build character and provide things that will last a lifetime, and the response has been phenomenal. You’ve done what you can to reduce your baby’s exposure to potentially harmful chemicals in your home, and I have done the same in my daycare.